Corneal Ulcers

The most common reasons for corneal ulcers in cats include trauma and Feline Herpesvirus.  Cat fights can produce deep corneal lacerations due to the curved nature of cat nails and should be examined thoroughly for impending corneal rupture.  Many cats are herpesvirus carriers and can produce virus recrudescence throughout life.  Herpesvirus has a predilection for corneal epithelium and can produce corneal ulcerations.  These corneal ulcers can sometimes have a linear or branching (dendritic) appearance.  Most superficial corneal ulcers will heal on their own with the appropriate supportive care that includes broad spectrum ophthalmic antibiotics and plasma.  Cats who are herpesvirus carriers can be given daily Lysine supplements to help prevent flare ups.  Non-healing or deep ulcers may need surgery to provide a graft of conjunctiva over the corneal defect to aid in proper healing.

dendritic ulcer feline

Dendritic Ulcer

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