Eye Infections

The most common causes for eye infections in dogs can be due to trauma, foreign bodies, and severe allergies.  Eye infections can present as copious eye discharge, redness and swelling.  The discharge can be clear or colored.  Most eye infections can be treated with broad spectrum ophthalmic antibiotics unless there is an absence of improvement or an ophthalmic exam reveals that it is a more serious condition.  Resistant eye infections should have a culture and sensitivity done to determine the best choice of antibiotics.  Serious eye infections such as melting corneal ulcers require prompt diagnosis and treatment to prevent rupture of the globe.  Eye infections can also commonly be confused with Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca  or dry eye, which leads to a copious amount of clear goopy eye discharge due to a lack of tear production.  Dry eyes in turn are more prone to corneal ulcers and secondary eye infections.

dry eye k9

Ocular discharge from an infected eye.

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