The more common bumps on cats can be due to a variety of factors such as insect bites, feline acne, self-induced trauma, and mammary cancer.  Bacterial skin infections are less common in cats than in dogs.

Insect bites such as flea/tick bites can be prevented with the use of monthly topicals.  Cats that have hypersensitivity to insect bites can be treated with an antihistamine or short course of steroids as prescribed by your veterinarian.  Feline acne commonly occurs on the chin as small bumps and or regions of scabbing.  It can easily be treated and prevented with routine use of medicated veterinary wipes.  Cats who are hypersensitive to various different allergens and those with psychogenic issues can present with overgrooming and may induce trauma to their skin.  This type of trauma can present as small red bumps, small erosions, and areas of hairless.  The most serious of the common bumps found in cats are malignant mammary tumors.  Female cats who are spayed after their first heat cycle are at a greatly increased risk of developing mammary cancer.  Mammary tumors can be found anywhere mammary tissue is present.  They can be found as small bumps in the axilla or armpit or anywhere along the chest and abdomen.  Any bump or lump that occurs in these areas in a female cat should be thoroughly investigated as mammary cancer has a high rate of metastasis, recurrence, and deadly consequences.


Feline mammary adenocarcinoma

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