Urinary issues in female spayed dogs can be due to a issue called primary sphincter mechanism incompetence.  Dogs suffering from this condition will produce small puddles of urine during their sleep or when they are resting.  This is a condition that needs to be assessed and addressed by your veterinarian.

Dogs who constantly need to pee may suffer from a behavioral issue or from a urinary tract infection.  Urinary tract infections are much more common in dogs than in cats and this issue should be addressed by your veterinarian with a simple urine test and culture.

A less common condition causing inappropriate elimination is ectopic ureters.  This condition involves a genetic defect where a dog’s urinary tract is not formed in the normal fashion and will lead a dog to leak urine without intent.  This condition will require surgery to correct and should be addressed by your veterinarian.

Dogs are also more prone to urinary tract infections .  If you see your dog exhibiting symptoms such as increased frequency of peeing, small puddles of pee, peeing in inappropriate places, and blood in the urine, you should bring your dog in to your veterinarian.

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